Carter Hulsey (US)

Carter Hulsey is an American alt-country singer songwriter from Joplin, Missouri. Being raised by his mother and father gave him daily musical exposure to the likes of Willie Nelson, Elton John, and Jerry Jeff Walker — all on vinyl, of course. At age 13, Hulsey found his father’s acoustic Guild guitar, and his long love for music finally came to a head. He started writing songs. 

Rob Moir (Canada)

Rob in germany

Rob in germany

With a heart filled with passion and a head full of stories Rob Moir delivers his most unique music to date. After five years of fronting the Toronto indie-punk band Dead Letter Dept. (Underground Operations/Universal Music), Rob embarks on his first solo venture as a performer.  

The Shabeen (S Africa)

Shabeen in Cape Town

In a sack-less world of auto-tune, formula rock, and pre-programmed DJ sets on USB sticks, The Shabeen goes back to what makes music human; intelligent lyrics, aggressive tempos, and big bearded men hammering acoustic guitars with brute force. Lead songwriter Jon Shaban holds wisdom beyond his 28 years, spitting lyrics that are best suited for the mindful listener who questions the status quo.